Tickkle: A Mobile Application For Complete Pet Care
Project Brief:
The pet market in India has seen some rapid growth over the past few years. Although there are very few statistical data with authentic studies demonstrating actual market size of dog market in India, it still indicates a high penetration with market value of $270 million by 2019 (70% food market and 30% other services). The total number of pet dogs in India were reported 10.2 million in 2012 which is expected to grow 15% every year. Moreover, 58.1% of growth in 5 years (2007-2012) was reported which is expected to grow even more with increased purchasing power capacity and spending abilities.

Despite sufficiently high number of pet dogs and trends of increased penetration, the industry still suffers from several bottlenecks and still disorganised. A very few interventions are existent to support the pet dog ecosystem which can empower dog owners with easy, reliable and complete pet care services. There is an urgent need for an intervention in the domain of pet care.

Designing The Pet Feed

This part of the interface majorly focus on the user engagement through a pet image sharing platform. It allows the users to upload the pictures of their pet on the interface, and also view photos shared by other pet lovers. We have also introduced novel microinteractions to increase the user engagement.

Exploring Novel Interactions In Pet Feed:
We are working on new interactions to engage users more frequently in the app. Here are three of them which we are trying to explore in the app.


Usually in most of the social media platforms people can either like or dislike an image shared by others. However, we have introduced the concept of tickkling, wherein a user can tickkle a photograph for as much time by pressing the tickkle button. The user engagement for the photograph is measured by the number of times a particular photograph has been tickkled.

Voice Based Interaction
We have explored cases of limited accessibility wherein it might be difficult for a user to scroll through the pet feed such when someone’s hands are wet, or while someone is eating food. In such a scenario one can simply speak out next to move to the next image in the pet feed.

This feature is still in the testing phase and has not been deployed on the playstore. The intent behind exploring this was to analyze the various ways in which one can tickkle a photograph other than the heart animation. In this case the photo wiggles when the tickkle button is pressed.
Embarking User Journey For Pet Feed
Here is the user journey or rather how the first time user aboards the system to make use of various feautures.
User Onboarding
One of the core of aim of designing the onboarding was to keep the focus on the two modes of interactions. Because we believed that these interactions would further help in making the app a success and different from others.
User Interface and App Flow
While designing the user interface, one of the major focus was to keep the focus right and make all the tasks such 'uploading an photograph' or 'tickkling a photograph' easy to learn and use with appropriate feedback while performing different tasks.
Glimpse Of What We Are Working Next :)
As proposed earlier we would be adding two more verticals other than the Pet Feed i.e. Pet Care and Services. Below is the glipmse of design and what is going to come next.

Pet Care: When The Pet Needs Expert Care :)

This part of the interface allows the users to find details about vets around around their place. This includes name, qualification, address, fees and other relevant details. The interface also allows the user to book an appointment with the vet in just a few minutes. The next phase of the project will also allow the user to directly connect with the vet using an IM service inbuilt within the application.

Pet Services: One-Stop Marketplace For Everything Pet-Related!

This part of the interface is concerned with the hyperlocal pet services wherein a user can explore pet food and accessories, buy it and get it delivered on the same day or as per the user convenience. For the first phase of pilot we have collaborated with one pet shop in Guwahati city for the pilot.

Thank You!

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