Tangify: Learning Toolkit for Specially Abled
Project Brief:
Tangify is Tangible Learning Toolkit that has been specially designed for specially abled children of age group of 3-7 years. The targeted solution mainly targets three disabilities including autism, cerebral palsy and ADHD. In the current system that we have designed, children can learn about different characteristics of a fruits by placing different tokens of the fruit in different compartments of the Tangify platform
A Glimpse at the User Research
We conducted a study to understand the needs of the Playgroup students and teachers at Shishu Sarothi, which is a non-profit voluntary organisation for rehabilitation and training for multiple disabilities, located at Birubari, Guwahati. Playgroup is one of the 5 divisions of the organization where students of the age group 3-7 years with basic cognitive, physical and emotional abilities are admitted. The objective of this class is to develop the students’ basic everyday concepts and communication skills so that they can advance to more complex levels. We studied the existing practices of Playgroup and analyzed the needs and difficulties faced by the students and instructors in the class with the goal of understanding how a technology-based intervention could aid the learning and teaching activities of the classroom. text about user research
Insights and Analysis of the Study
affinity diagramming Each of the problem maintained in such a way of making an impact 1. use of flash cards/ 3d objects 2. takes a lot of time to learn 3. repition by teacher 4. Students have no motivation to learn
Our Concept
Tangify Learning Module
1. Color of Fruit
2. Spelling of Fruit
3. Actions of Fruit
4. Drawing of Fruit
Tangify Quizzing Module
Right, Wrong, Questions, in two column grid
Spelling Quiz
Fruit Identification Quiz
If the answer is correct
If the answer is wrong
Technical Details: How we built it?
High level prototyping was done using the Makey-Makey micro-controller and Processing software. Each of the fruit was mapped to a different key using Makey Makey micro controller, and then Processing software was used to play the video associated with the fruit depending the compartment in which it has been placed.
Initial Evaluation: It was good to see kids smiling:)
We conducted the intial user testing at Shishu Sarothi(NGO) with 8 kids belonging to the age group of 3-7. The prototype was put up in the classroom and children interacted with the system one by one and the entire process was assisted by a teacher whenever required, otherwise the children were given first hand demonstration and then allowed to interact with the system freely as per their own understanding.

The results of the user testing were quite encouraging as most of the kids were able to figure how the system is supposed to be used after first hand demonstration. The kids felt very happy to see the animations start on the screen whenever they placed a token on the Tangify platform. They were self motivated to keep interacting with the system without much assistance from the teacher. In the next stage of user testing we would test the prototype over a duration of two months to see if there is a improvement in the learning curve of the children.
We would like to thank Prof. Keyur Sorathia and Embedded Interaction Lab, IIT Guwahati for supporting us with desired resources during the course of this project. We would also like to thank Shishu Sarothi for allowing us to conduct a study at their premises.

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