Docspad: Motion Graphic Video for Bookpad
Project Brief:
Design of a motion graphic video for Bookpad Tech's flagship product, Docspad, which enables cloud-based document embedding, annotations and editing features on enterprise applications.

The video was conceptualized and made on a short duration of two weeks. We in a team of three started off with conceptualisation of the script and the flow of the video. After script was approved by the client, we storyboarded the entire script in a story form. Once the storyboard was approved, we worked upon iconography, animation and motions graphic. Then, audio and vfx effects were added to give a real feel to the video. Video was launched at Techcrunch's Crunchbase Conference held in Bangalore in 2013

What others said about the video ?
"This is just awesome!! Dont know how happy we were when saw the video. Really appreciate all the effort"-Aditya Bandi, CEO Bookpad
"Let me confess, we at ridingO fell in love with your creation for bookpad." - Vardhan Kaushal, CEO RidingO

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