User Experience Design Intern, Amazon
Project Brief:
My project was to design a real time monitoring tool that can be easily customised to the user's requirement to visualise the the flow of packages as it travels between various arcs and nodes(fulfilment centres, sort centres, delivery stations etc) within the Amazon Transportation Network. The monitoring tool should have the capability to be able to allow the user to keep a track of packages at locations within his jurisdiction.

One of the major challenge while working on this project was to understand the requirements of multiple user groups who would be using the system and also defining multiple parameters that needs to considered while designing the system. I had taken reference of the IDEO's Human Centered Design process and divided my process into three phases of Discovery, Ideation and Design. In the next stages I will briefly explain about my process.

How does the Amazon Transport System work?
Owing to the complexity of the problem, it took me over two weeks to understand how the entire Amazon transportation works. I talked to multiple stake holders including my mentor, project manager and went through the documentation for the prohject to understand the netire process. The product journey starts from the fulfillment center(if the product is delivered by amazon), then moves to sort center and delivery station until it is delivered finally to the customer. A brief schematic of the entire process has been presented below.

Now while the product is being transported from fulfillment center, there are multiple events created at each point of time till the product gets delivered. And owing to whooping 7 millions transaction every day, there is a need to monitor the multiple events in real time. There are multiple people who are incharge of monitoring this at multiple levels of hierarchy, thus there needs to be a system in place which allows easy customisation of the monitoring tool according to one's preferences. Currently there exist no system which allows a unified console wherein a user can see data according to his own preference. The current interface makes use of queries to create personalised dashboards, thus creating it very difficult for a non technical person to learn to use it. A few of the other problems are listed below.

Creating Flows
Some initial concepts
Wireframes Initial Visual Explorations

Complete flow and final mockups have not been shared due to non disclosure agreement.

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